To ensure that the letter has been read, it is necessary to write simply, clearly and accurately. Must comply with all the subtleties related to the appeal to the spiritual person and the name of the organizations and structural divisions. We need to begin with'. In the upper right corner of the letter you should write: "his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow //And all Russia Kyrill//Net pereulok, 5, Moscow, 119034. The sign // denotes a new line. Further, in the center of the letter: "his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril". The line below is necessary to specify from whom a letter. To contact the Patriarch to be "Your Holiness". It is important not to change the case of letters, not to make a capital letter lowercase!
All letters to the heads of organizations, whether they are secular or religious, pass through the office and its employees. The letter is a structural unit will be referred to as "the office of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia." Head office - Archpriest Vladimir Diakov. The written form of the appeal will be as follows: "to His Reverence, Archpriest Vladimir Divakov, head of the Chancellery of the Moscow Patriarchate. In some cases it makes sense to send a letter in the office. To clarify, there came a letter, by phone office: (495)201-28-40. Fax: (495)201-25-04. A letter to Moscow takes 3-4 days, in other cases it is necessary to clarify the time of passage of correspondence in his post office.
In order to send a message or to solve some pressing spiritual or organizational issues is to take advantage of the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate In the section "inter-Council presence, the "Contacts" collected information with the names and phones of various information services: Press office of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, the Synodal information Department of Russian Orthodox Church, the Editors of the portal patriarhiei.
It is important that the Synodal information Department of Russian Orthodox Church are free to call from any end of Russia: +7(800) 100-33-53. Phone in Moscow: +7(495) 781-97-61. You can also write an email to the following address: This Department was created two years ago by decision of the Holy Synod of 31 March 2009. The Chairman of the Information Department appointed the chief editor of magazine "Foma" Vladimir Romanovich Legoyda.