Approaching the Holy relics, you need to bow twice. If you have no queue, you can do the prostration, but in any case, do not delay other people.
Women should not be despised.
Of course, clothes should be modest.
Hurry and haste are inadmissible. Who is coming to the Shrine with awe, receives the grace of God, so say the Ministers of the Church.
After the bow need to cross, then you can touch cancer. In any case can not be independently applied to the relics, icons or images of the Saint, all that needs to convey to the Ministers of the temple.
If enabled, you can attach to the hand or the feet of the Holy. App-to-face is considered the impertinence.
After read a prayer and mentally refer to the Holy. Tell us about your trouble, ask for advice, because the attachment to the Shrine is another way to appeal to God, to offer him their respects.
After the application need to cross, to bow and exit without haste and bustle.