Those who trust in the intercession and intercession of St. Matrona of Moscow can write to her at: 109147, Moscow, Taganskaya str., D. 58, or e-mail - In addition, the web site exists http://kmatrone.rucreated with the blessing of the Orthodox Church. On this site it is possible to leave the message of the Holy matron. Each of the letters sent by mail or the Internet, necessarily falls to the relics of a Saint.
If you decide to send your letter by post, write about the needs and desires for themselves and their loved ones, fold the note and seal it so that the text was not visible. Put your message in an envelope with a note: "Dear sisters, please put this letter to the tomb of St. Matrona".
How should I compose the letter to the Matrona. Write from the heart, with all my heart about what bothers you, what you want to get help. Ask a Saint to pray for you, for the health of your loved ones, and intercession before the Lord.
What other problems can I take to Matrona of Moscow? Before the upcoming trip to avoid an accident or other incident. When nagging anxiety – ask about finding peace of mind. If you can't conceive or can't create a family. If your loved one is prone to drunkenness or other harmful habit.
Hoping for help from the Holy, try to follow its instructions, in this case, the help of the Matrons will come for sure. What did she advise? Not to judge others and to think more about yourself – in the end, to answer you, not for someone's actions, and for their. To live prayerfully and to protect themselves from the evil of the cross. Communion and always keep burning the lamps. Forgive the old, infirm and sick for what they say to help them. Not to pick on the road various items and money. Not to attach significance to dreams and not try to understand them. Not to go to his grandmother-witch. Never forget that all human actions are recorded in two books – the sins and good deeds for which people are judged.
If a miracle happened – don't forget about the one who invisibly helped you in this difficult time. Thank the mother Matron. This can be done also in the letter or in the Pokrovsky monastery. In this case, it is appropriate to make a donation to the temple and bring the Matrona flowers that she loved in life.