In 2013 at the peak of popularity was the name Sophia or Sofia. Translated into Russian language it means "wisdom", so the year of the water snake became the most relevant. Girls with this name are never left in the shadows of other people. They always try to be the center of attention. All of their endeavors end in success, as these people are able to make decisions quickly and easily cope with any problems. They combine activity and phlegm, which is also a positive feature of their character.

Second place in the ranking of the most popular names for girls took the name Mary or Maria. Children with these names have sociability, carelessness, and natural sense of humor. They are organized, cheerful and resolute. In some cases, too able to make quick decisions, especially when it comes to the welfare of family and loved ones.

On the third place of a rating there is the name Anastasia, which means "return to life". Girls with this name are able to easily adapt to different life circumstances, they are mobile, hardworking, calm, balanced and stands. Some Nasty possess assertiveness and excellent intuition.

Fourth place in the list of the most popular female names for 2013 is the name of Daria, which means "winner". These people are purposeful and always try to go to the goal.

The fifth place of a rating was given the name Anna. These girls are smart, selfless, modest and trusting. They are all trying to restore order. Wherever Anna is, she does everything in a measured, carefully and very carefully.

In sixth place you can see the name Elizabeth. People with this name around trying to get the upper hand. They have the brightness and sociability. In addition, Elizabeth is very quickly get used to everything, and it's not just about people but also about the environment.

Rounding out the top ten best Russian names for girls Victoria, Pauline, Barbara and Catherine. In addition, in recent years a great popularity began to use the old Slavic names.