If the transfer takes place at the initiative of the employee, to start, take a statement from the employee that is translated on incomplete working day. According to article 93 of the labour code, the employer establishes part-time at the request of a pregnant woman, a guardian with a child under 14 or a disabled child up to 18 years.
Upon receipt of the application to the employment contract conclude an additional agreement about changing conditions of work. Specify that the employee moves to part-time, type the time when work should begin and end, break for lunch, if such is provided. In the column "pay" is salary, use the fully. Wage worker make hourly in accordance with the spent time, based on the size of the salary.
If the employee provided full-time employment for this position, staffing specify 1 rate and salary it appropriate. In this case, you can take on the remaining work time of another employee as part-time, and the main place of work.
If the translation part-time at the initiative of the employer, shall make the fact of change of technological or organizational conditions. Argues that changes mode of operation and internal regulations. For example, in connection with the introduction of new equipment into operation.
Issue an order about the change of technological and organizational conditions. The employer organization must give a written notice to transfer onto the incomplete working day not later than 2 months. Specify the causes of the need for translation. If the employer is a natural person, notify employees not later than 2 weeks. With the work schedule of the employee share along with the message to change the terms of the employment contract.
Bring into line a job. Reflect in the internal regulations changes in work mode. To position about a payment, make the appropriate adjustments. Make organizational changes in the staff regulation, etc., safety instructions, if necessary. Fix documented consent to work in the new environment.