You will need
  • - documents of employees;
  • - documents of the organization;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • - forms of the relevant documents;
  • - labor laws.
Head of structural unit, in which it is necessary to reduce the working day employees should be a memo to the Director. This document is written the reason that inevitably the application of article 74 of the Labor code. These reasons may be the change of technological conditions, economic crisis, and more. On the document Director of the company sets the resolution with date and signature.
Make an order for the reduction of the working day. In the header of the document enter the full name of the organization in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of the company is a sole proprietorship. Assign order number and date. In the administrative part of the enter the surnames, names, patronymics of staff, which is supposed to reduce the working day, specify their positions. Write the fact of the reduction of working time. Specify that the wages of the listed employees will accrue in accordance with hours actually worked. Put the responsibility on the person who will acquaint the professionals with this document. The right of signature of the order is the head of the company. Sign the document with the seal of the company. Familiarize employees that are listed in the order from administrative documents under the painting.
Make notice of the reduction of working hours for each employee in two copies. To notify employees under the painting should be two months before the actual date of entry into force of the order on reduction of the working day. To reduce working hours for some categories of workers specified in the Labor code of the Russian Federation, is impossible, including pregnant women, individuals with children under three years.
If someone of the employees do not agree with the reduction of working time, the employer is entitled to dismiss them in connection with staff reductions. To do this, issue the appropriate order to notify employee against signature two months prior to the effective date of the dismissal, make the appropriate entries in the workbook, to issue under the settlement funds, and severance pay. It is prohibited to dismiss employees if they belong to certain categories, which are listed in the Labour code of the Russian Federation. The employer may transfer employees to another workplace if they do not agree with the reduction of the working day.