You will need
  • - employment contract;
  • - Supplement to the employment contract;
  • order;
  • - the statement;
  • notification.
During the employment the employee a shorter working week could immediately be identified as one of the conditions in the employment contract. This paragraph of the contract may establish the tenant, and also it can be offered from the recruiters. Upon reaching mutual agreement, the contract is signed, and issued the order on appointment of an employee, which specifies the duration of working time.
If the company undergoes economic problems or changes of working conditions, the management has the right to introduce a shorter working week, to save the jobs of employees. The employer decides on the introduction of working time and produces a corresponding order to this introduction. In order the leadership of the organization also indicates the reasons for changes in the routine of work and the period for which introduced such a regime.
Along with the order, the governing bodies are notified in advance of the employees about innovations in writing. The text of the notification is made arbitrarily, but includes all study, for which the normal work week is changed, and timing provisions were introduced. If necessary, are issued the additional agreement to the labour contract all workers, who are in order about changes in working time.
Employee who is caring for the incapacitated sick family member, pregnant woman or parent (guardian, Trustee) who has a child under fourteen years of age, the employer is obliged to issue a shorter working week. The employee is entitled to a reduction of working time, wrote a letter to the head of the company about the need to move to a shorter working week, indicating the reasons. Based on the application Director issues an order and the supplementary agreement to the employment agreement to change working time. Employee it is advisable to make a copy of the statement of resolution governing person and a copy of the order on the establishment of incomplete working week.