You will need
  • - documents of employees;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • the forms of orders on staff.
Part-time work can be established when applying for the position of the employee. This is prescribed directly in the employment contract, which specifies working conditions of the specialist. At the incomplete working day the payment is made depending on the time actually worked if installed time. Payments are made in proportion to the number of produced parts (products) when a piece-rate form.
Partial working week shall be established on the initiative of the expert or the employer. To do this, make a collective agreement, other local regulatory act. In the document list the situations in which can be applied to this mode of work. It can be organizational or production conditions. When you have a company has a trade Union, notify its head, consider his opinion at the signing of the collective agreement.
In article 93 of the labour code lists the categories of employees which it is part-time. Persons under 18 years, pregnant women, professionals who have hazardous or harmful working conditions. Usually, the working time for them is reduced to 20%. Employees-"urednika" reducing working hours by more than 20% in danger of losing the special seniority, as well as additional vacation days. The calculation of seniority for such employees is made on the basis of days worked fully. Therefore, the establishment of part-time to warn employees about the possible consequences.
With the introduction of the incomplete working day (week) to warn employees in writing. With the consent of employees take statements from them. Then make additional agreements to contracts with experts. The Director issued an order on the establishment of such a regime, which is introduced under the bill, employees. Please note that incomplete working hours are established for a period of not more than six months. Then the order loses its legal validity. You may cancel before the expiration of the term. This is issued another order, which supersedes the previously issued administrative document.