First of all, notify the employee of the impending reduction of working time. Do this no later than two months before the entry into force of the new schedule. The notice must be in writing, signed by the Director and the employee, whose signature will constitute acceptance.
Make an order about establishment of the incomplete working day. Here specify the reason (e.g., due to lower production volumes). To order, specify: work schedule; amount of payment; the name of posts and staff applies to the regulatory document; date of entry of the order into force. Below your signature, give the document for familiarization employees.
Execute a supplementary agreement to the contracts of the employees. Here also specify the schedule of work, the reason, the payment, the term of the agreements. The document must also be signed by both sides, staple the above information of blue seal. Write a document in duplicate – each party one original.
If the reduction of working time is used at the request of the employee, you must obtain a statement from him, written on the head. Check its correctness: it should state the reason for the need to move to a reduced working day, working time. Must also be accompanied by the documents confirming the necessity for such a work schedule, for example, a doctor's certificate of pregnancy.
Next, make the order and the supplementary agreement to the employment contract. These documents list all working conditions, also you can make the schedule work, but before doing this please consult with its own employee. Pass the order to the accounting Department for subsequent payroll. All the documents you sign give the signature of the chief accountant, the head of the personnel Department and the employee.