You will need
  • - application in two copies;
  • - an additional agreement or a Supplement to the employment contract;
  • order.
In accordance with article 93 of the labour code an employer may not deny the reduction of the working day or working week pregnant women, single mothers, fathers, guardians, Trustees who have a child under 14 or a disabled child under 18, the minor employees. To reduce working hours or working week should, at the request of an employee with a disability first and second groups, at the request of the worker, caring for seriously ill relatives upon presentation of a medical certificate. All other categories only by mutual agreement.
Work on partial day or shorter week should be properly designed. The employee must obtain a statement in two copies, which puts its resolution the employer. One copy remains with the employer, another employee.
In the statement should indicate on its request to invoke article 93 or 92 maybe. Also spell the term for the provision of shortened working day or week. Incomplete working time may be fixed for a specified period or indefinitely and may be set shorter working hours and additionally shorter working week.
On the basis of the application, the employer shall make an additional agreement to the employment contract, release orders, which refer to the supplementary agreement. In the work book is not an entry about reductions of the working day or week. Tagging is only possible in a personal card of the employee. Payment may be done on the basis of time actually worked or according to the formulation (article 93 part 3)
Part 3 of the same article determines that reduced working time has no effect on regular paid leave, weekends and public holidays. However, the employee is not entitled to receive an early reduced pension because this benefit can only be provided to full-time (Government Decision 516, Federal law 27, 28).