If you are a worker

Not to be confused with part-time employment a part-time job or work to reconcile. It's related concepts, because you can arrange you part-time only for the same position that you already take. No matter whether you want to combine within the same organization, or arranged in combination in the other.

Part-time employment (also part-time job) is working fewer hours per week than the Labour Code for the full rate. For example, the employer wants to take the part-time employee. This means that instead of eight hours per day worker will be busy for 4 hours, and wages, respectively, worked out in time. The same applies to quarter rate or on-demand. For example, if you are on maternity leave, officially you are not working (only employed). When, giving the child in the manger, you go to your office and work there several hours a day, this is equivalent to going to work, but part-time. In this case, no documents are required (all documents about education, employment history, INN, and other data already have your personnel officer). It is only possible to sign an additional agreement to the employment contract or formalize an exit of the decree, taking advantage of the right to a shorter working day. In this case, the documents should be clearly spelled out your work schedule. Because the accounting Department will calculate the salary based on these data. If you work extra hours, payment of jobs must be calculated based on the value of your hour.

If you are a student, retired or unemployed can also apply for a part-time job. In this case, you must give the employer a passport, SNILS, military ID (this rule only applies to reservists), and if the employer will require a work-book and diploma. In addition, if you want information on part time employment has been reflected in your work, you may request this from the employer.

Work should start only after signing an employment contract, otherwise there is a risk to remain without salaries or face the failure of your rights.

If you are a employer or hiring Manager

You can take a part-time job anyone: the pensioner, the worker, employed full time in other organizations, and even minors (persons under the age of 18 cannot be taken on a part-time job). For registration of employee part-time required: the statement of employment, passport, social security number and military ID. Also you can demand that he work book or documents about education.

Employee need to sign a contract that will stipulates the type of employment (in this case incomplete).
If you take the employee on a part-time, in accordance with article 93 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation are obliged to provide him with an annual or maternity leave on the same basis. The same applies to the calculation of the experience, payment of salaries and bonuses, guarantees, compensations and compliance with other labour rights.