His desire to serve in the airborne you have to say during the performances in pre-military records – that is, during the receiving of registration certificate. Your documents will be made a note of it, but that doesn't mean anything. In order to get into the Navy, recruits must meet certain requirements.
First of all, you must have completed secondary education, as well as excellent health, good physical development and growth not below 170 cm. Therefore please make sure that your education and physical development were compliant with criteria. Good learning, actively engage in sports, stay away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
The chance to serve in the airborne forces will be almost equal to zero, if the recruit has no criminal convictions or had a documented criminal record. So watch your behavior and avoid any illegal actions.
Very important for getting into certain troops have your civilian occupation and any other types of training. So, if you are well versed in the radio, it will fall, most likely in the signal corps. On the other hand, if you do martial arts and are the sportsman-skydiver – that is, have category jumping – your chances of getting into airborne will increase significantly.
To get airborne you must be enrolled in the military list of category "A". To increase your chances, pay a visit to the draft Board to call and ask for the agenda on that day, which will send future paratroopers.
Whatever your training, the most important criterion for getting airborne your character is. Your peace of mind, confidence, sense of power and a desire to serve in the airborne troops must feel and members of the draft Board. If this happens, you should be able to realize his dream.