Advice 1: How not to get into a construction battalion

The army corps of engineers, or colloquially battalion, engaged in construction activities required by other combat arms to perform their tasks. Service in the battalion is difficult, and not too honorable, so the desire of recruits to avoid contact with the army corps of engineers is understandable.
How not to get into a construction battalion
You will need
  • technical skills;
  • - driver's license;
The probability of being in the construction troops is much higher, the recruit, having no useful military service skills. For example, if you are a sportsman-skydiver, you can expect to serve in the Navy. If you have a driving license, it is very likely you will serve as a driver. I have skills in radiotele – get into the corps, the technical units of the air force, etc. – that is where your skills will be in demand.
If you don't want to get into the construction battalion, you should acquire certain skills. Many of them are not required to be documented, during the conversation in the military you just to ask you a few questions. For example, if you were radiodelo, you can ask about how the power supply or a simple radio. For ham no difficulty in the answer not these questions will not arise, as a result, you are guaranteed to get good troops. In modern conditions is a useful skill to work on computer and programming skills.
Primary PostScript to a particular kind of troops is still at the stage of obtaining the registration certificate while studying in school. It should be realistic and understand that if you at your request pre-recorded in the airborne, it still about what does not speak. To get to elite troops, you must at least be in good physical condition. On the other hand, if you ask the corps, your chances will be quite large.
For getting into certain troops affects the place of your study – if prior military service you had to go to a UNIVERSITY or other educational institution. Not all of them have military departments, so after the first year you can call in the army. If you are studying in a technical Institute, your chances to get into the Seabees tend to zero. On the other hand, you can be in the battalion, even while studying at the University on natural science or the faculty of Humanities. The army need the technical skills, so the Humanities have a big enough chance to be in the army building.
Be sure to watch your health. If you have poor eyesight, you need to prove that all are unable to serve, or come to the draft Board without my glasses. A bad option when you are deemed fit for service, but with restrictions, in this case, the road to the construction battalion you are virtually assured.

Advice 2: How to get the service in the airborne

If you want to get to the service in the airborne troops, you need before the call or before enrolling in College to pay special attention to their health and physical training.
How to get the service in the airborne
Do your physical training. Remember, however, that the fighter airborne has to be not only strong but also resilient. That is why martial arts are perfect for this training. It might be nice if you'll visit the athletics section. The selection of candidates is taken into account and degree, and other achievements. So don't feel sorry for yourself and train hard to get the highest possible level. Your chances of getting into airborne will increase if you do parachuting.
Take care of your health. Don't get bad habits at a young age. You must have perfect health (fitness categories "A") in order to be in the airborne troops. That is why regular medical check-up and tempers.
Take psychological preparation. You should be serious enough motivation for service in VDV. So try to find a sober look at things and get rid of romantic illusions. Any service (and especially in these forces) is, above all, hard work and constant psychological pressure.
Doing physical training, don't ignore the school. You may need knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, foreign languages, social studies. And it must be real knowledge, not the minimum needed to pass the exam (especially if you decide to try to go to the Ryazan military school, which trains specialists for airborne).
If you have close relatives who have a criminal record, you will not be able to qualify for service in the ranks of the airborne. Don't try to hide it from employees of military registration and enlistment office or the admissions Committee of the school, as all information provided by applicants or recruits, are always carefully inspected.

Advice 3: How to get into elite troops

Service in the elite troops has always been considered prestigious. This is career growth, and purity in payroll, and just very interesting . But you need to understand that candidates have to go through a rather complicated selection process and meet strict requirements.
How to get into elite troops

Kremlin troops

For service in the armed forces of the Kremlin, you must meet certain physical requirements. In particular need to be an increase of not less than 175 and not more than 190 cm it is Also worth noting that the weight should be of normal proportion to such a high figure. In addition, the sharpness of each eye may not be less than 0.7 to have acceptable color vision. There are limitations, not allowing to serve in the armed forces of the Kremlin. For example, the applicant must not have relatives abroad, have complaints from the police and to be registered psychiatrist, the psychiatrist and dermatologist.

Internal troops

To get the service in the internal troops can each recruit, having deviations in physical condition. As a rule, it is enough to announce his desire to the recruiting officer and argue it. However, the internal troops themselves are not considered elite. These are commando units such as Vityaz, alpha, FSB and GRU. Become a member of such elite units only after the passage of military service or completion of military Department. To qualify for service in these units, only those who endure certain tests. For applicants developed a fairly complex psychological and physical tests that determine the readiness for service. Examiners will check and firearms training, and the ability to resist the opponent in hand-to-hand combat, and endurance. In addition, carefully studied the biography of the applicant, his family ties, and does consent to the service of parents and spouses.

Foreign intelligence

For service in foreign intelligence suitable candidates whose age is in the range from 22 to 30 years. You must have higher technical or arts education, and be fluent in one foreign language, the level of which is determined by employees of the organization. In addition, most assessments in the last year institutes of higher education should be high. Limitations for the service, no different from the claims of other elite units. Necessarily match the physical and intellectual training, and lack of previous convictions and foreign citizenship.

Almost every kind of troops in Russia, has its own elite unit. To clarify the information that will help to come closer to getting the job, you can learn in the military or in the appropriate Department.
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