Advice 1: How to observe mourning

Despite all the delights of life, unavoidable and sad moments. In this heavy and sorrowful event like the death of a man, observe mourning as a sign of mourning and sorrow.
How to observe mourning
Observe the customs of the country in which you live. When you assign the mourningand at the state level in connection with the death of a large number of people endure a moment of silence out of respect for the dead and solidarity with the rest of the population in expressing its condolences to their families. State flags will be flown at half-mast, and entertainment television programs cancelled.
Wear black tones at the death of a relative or friend. Deep mourning implies that all the clothes on you must be black and in the floor ofthe mourninge allowed to wear only one black object, such as a dress or head scarf.
Observe the mourning period immediately after death. The duration of mourningand depends on the degree of closeness of the deceased to you. For example, after the death of a spouse is supposed to observe mourning during the year, and lost his wife must be mourninge six months. Parents mourn a year, less close relatives from three months to six months.
Please refrain from entertainment and visits to festivals, marriage during mourning. Do not hold lavish celebrations, have fun, sing and dance. Do not deny yourself in communication. If you feel that you seriously feel the need to talk about their loss, to cry, do not hesitate to Express their emotions.
Pray for the deceased, warmly and sincerely, if you are a believer. Besides the external attributes of mourningand, it is an important subject of mourning. If the deceased was baptized, request prayers, and on the ninth and fortieth days after his death have to serve a memorial service. Subsequently, don't forget to mention the name of the deceased received by him during the rite of baptism, in prayers for the dead.
Cover mirrors in the house of the deceased before the funeral. It is also customary to stop the clock in the room.

Advice 2: How to interpret dreams about dead parents

It is believed that the dead mother and father visit the dreams of their children to help them, to help, to guide to the straight path. Dreams in which people hugging with their now deceased parents, are considered favorable.
Dreams about deceased parents are of different value

To dream of dead parents. The Dream Miller

Gustav Miller reports that now-deceased parents, prividevshayasya in a warm and cozy atmosphere, symbolize prosperity. If dreamt by the father or the mother scold the person in the dream, in reality this may mean the disapproval on their part. Apparently, the dreamer is doing something wrong. Talking in your sleep with the dead parents – to aid in reality.

Gustav Miller shares all the dreams about deceased parents into two groups: the first group – dreams that occur with living parents, the second group of dreams that occur after their true death. In principle, the Miller in both cases, does not see anything wrong. On the contrary, dreams about deceased parents that occurs when still alive mom and dad, talking about their longevity.

Deceased parents in a dream. Dream Interpretation Freud

Sigmund Freud calls such dreams are symbols of human regrets about his missed opportunities, about any memories and past success. If the dreamer sees his parents died, while in reality they live, this may indicate a subconscious desire to sleep of their death. Freud justifies such a violent interpretation: apparently, once parents let the dreamer in implementing its plans, for which he is greatly offended.

Deceased parents in a dream. Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to these interpretations, to dream of dead parents – to wealth and happiness. If you had a deceased father, coming lost: the dreamer will lose his inheritance. Talking in your sleep – dead father to a correct understanding and reinterpretation of spiritual values. No need to argue in my sleep with their parents, especially dad, as this may lead to a decline in business.

To dream of dead mother – for warning against rash actions in reality. The dead mother often come in a dream to his sons to talk them out of some conceived doubtful of the actions that can get them sideways. In addition, the mother in a dream symbolizes change for the better, but sometimes you can dream in front of a serious illness of the dreamer or before his own death.

Deceased parents. Dream world

The interpreters of the dreams say that dreams warn of the impending danger. You need to be more cautious with strangers. To talk in a dream with deceased parents - get some important news happening. To swear in the dream with the now deceased mother and father – to boredom for them in reality. The dreamer apparently had before them the guilt. Bad dream is one in which the deceased parents to last a dreamer his hand, calling for him.
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