Advice 1: When you turn on the TV after the funeral

When someone dies, it is customary to curtain all the reflective surfaces in the room cloth. There is a belief that the soul of the deceased could enter the mirror or the TV, and to remain forever in the afterlife without the possibility to go to heaven. When you can once again begin to use the TV after the funeral?
When you turn on the TV after the funeral

Rules for the treatment of the dead

After the death of a man believed to have as quickly as possible to put on the table, because the feathers of the pillow takes the soul of the deceased big meal. In the room with the dead is necessary to close all vents, Windows and doors, and also to limit the entrance to her pet. We cannot allow the cat jumped on the deceased person. While the deceased will be in the house, on the window should be a Cup of water and hang a towel -- they need the soul of the deceased for washing.

The old saying that the dead man must not be half-open eyes, because in this way the death looks for a companion for the deceased.

After removal of the coffin from the house you need to sweep and wash the floors, and MOP and broom then necessarily thrown away. While the dead man in the house to do the cleaning is impossible – however, as wash. The coffin can score only on the street, because the sealing in the room portends a new funeral. All extra supplies purchased for the funeral, you can't leave the house – all of them, to the last, you need to put in the coffin. The only caveat in the coffin destined for the crematorium, you can't put icons or crosses, as it is tantamount to desecration and blasphemy.

The TV turns on

Canavesana mirrors and TV screens is an old tradition that the Orthodox religion is irrelevant. It originates from paganism, as previously believed that all of the reflecting surface can tighten in itself, just a stray soul. Trapped in the mirror of the soul is torn and can not find closure – it is from this belief and there were legends about the restless ghosts.

In the modern funeral-funeral rites include a variety of components of national cultures, an integral part of which is Orthodoxy.

Believers and clerics argue that TV viewing pleasure is equivalent to the occupation, which is unacceptable in a period of mourning. However, this belief does not hold all the most people start to use the TV immediately after the funeral or after nine days. The mirror can remain hung – a TV today is a news source that is easy to replace the Internet, so modern people find it easier to abandon its use and to respect all funeral customs.

Advice 2: What you need for a funeral

The death of a loved always be surprised even if this man hard and long it was sick. To prepare mentally for this simply impossible. And at the same time, if the trouble still came to the house, close relatives should pull myself together and prepare everything in order to organize the funeralof the deceased s at a decent level. Be sure to observe all rituals to organize the farewell to the deceased, burial, funeral.
What you need for a funeral

Relatives of the deceased person will have to gather my thoughts and determine what you need to do first. The most important is to identify space for future graves. Usually these issues are engaged in ritual services. If a relative died at home, you need to take to the hospital a certificate of death. If outside the house, the body sent to the morgue. In this case, and the certificate is issued in the morgue.

You need to have a police officer who must make the report of the examination of the body. You need to obtain a death certificate. Then have a visit to the ritual of the organization where you ordered everything you need for the funeral. The first is the coffin, which will be produced based on the height and weight of the deceased. Second – wreaths with ribbons, they can be made of fresh or artificial flowers. There are candles, towels and other necessary supplies. As for the monument, it is recommended to first apply for a temporary and only a year or permanent. The fact that shrinkage of the earth at the burial site is just over one year.

If a relative was baptized, it is necessary to order the service in the Church and invite the priest to the funeral ceremony. A priest should talk about how to comply with all Church tradition and not make a mistake. It is much more important than hanging loop mirrors and other such legends.

After this funeral, the relatives of the deceased arrange the funeral. The Wake can come by all who knew the deceased. Usually served soup, fish cakes, buckwheat. Put on the table the pancakes with honey and kutya, is served on the third-compote. Funeral you need to consider in advance; or apply to a dining room or cafeteria, or ask distant relatives and friends to help organise a funeral lunch at home.

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