To determine the location using services from MTS "Locator"

To be able to periodically check on the whereabouts of their relatives and friends, MTS offers the service "Locator", which can be controlled via SMS, website or app for iOS/Android.

Before you locate a person by phone number is required to activate the service and to obtain the consent of the other party to track his numbers. It is necessary to send a free message to 6677 with text containing the name and telephone of the subscriber (for example, "John", 89161114445). If it is after receiving the request agrees, the service will automatically be connected, otherwise to track the location of a person will not succeed.

The service Locator can be controlled using SMS commands. So, number 6677 service user can send the following requests. 1. The name of the ROOM – adding in Russian or English in subscriber list, which you want to find (example: Mary 89165552223).

2. POINT NAME or the NAME of to save energy – the installation location of the subscriber that uses the service (e.g., POINT HOME). The parameters required for the response to the command, WHERE NAME if the desired subscriber will be next.

3. Off – deactivate and delete the list of callers from whom consent was obtained to track their numbers.

4. DELETE NAME – deletes subscriber from list of rooms, the location of which is determined (for example, to REMOVE JOHN).

5. WHERE NAME is a location request of a subscriber from the list (for example, WHERE IVAN).

6. SOMEONE request the list of required subscribers.

7. HELP COMMAND – requesting help for any of the teams. If you need a list of all commands, you should send a request with no specified parameters.

8. PACKAGE – query the balance of a package with the date following the cancellation fee.

9. PACKAGE to INCLUDE – activation of the package "100 requests".

10. PACKAGE STOP – temporary suspension of services termination of the monthly payment.

You can also locate a person by phone number, driving service Locator from the official website.

To do this:

- go to;

- to access, sending to room 7888 message with the text LOGIN, and log in to your personal account;

- generate a list of subscribers, the location where you plan to determine what you need to do is click on "Add friend", enter the name and number order by query to obtain the consent.

Then you can use the map on the website, which will be marked places where at the moment are the required numbers. The service allows you to set up automatic tracking, which is necessary to enter appropriate parameters, and then all the results in the specified time will be recorded in the "History of queries".

To locate a person by phone number on Android, you must install the app "Locator", which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

The service monthly fee is 100 rubles for 100 queries on the location of the other party and 10 rubles for each subsequent request. The clients connected to the service for the first time, offer a free trial period of 14 days, but with certain restrictions: up to 5 queries per day for each subscriber.

Service from MTS Child monitor" will help to determine the location

To know the place where is now the child, you can use the service "Child monitor". So, locate a person by phone number using this service by using SMS commands, website and mobile applications for iOS/Android, in this case a mobile phone does not require additional configuration and should support mode 2G or 3G.

To activate the service "Child monitor" from MTS, you must do the following:

to send a free message to the number 7788 text MOM or DAD (e.g., MOTHER VERA);

- wait for response code assigned to the family, which is then used for authorization of the second parent;

- register your child by sending a message to the number 7788 text CHILD NAME a ROOM (for example, the CHILD MARY 79164445556);

- to register the second parent by sending to the number 7788 message with the text of the POPE's NAME CODE (e.g., DAD MASHA Code received in the response when the first parent").

A family group may consist of up to 9 people, taking into account both parents.

To locate a person by phone number using the service "Child monitor", it is necessary to number 7788 to send an SMS with the text WHERE the CHILDREN are to track the numbers of all children or WHERE a message NAME (for example, WHERE MASHA, if you need to know the location of one child.

To deactivate the service simply send a message with the text REMOVE in the same room, and the service will be deactivated.

Monthly fee for the service location of the child is 100 rubles up to 3 rooms. The fourth and subsequent numbers are charged at the rate of 5 roubles for each inquiry.

In order to locate a person by phone number using the site you need to register it in the manner specified above, add the owner of the number using the function "Add a child" and follow the instructions. On the website you can make a request on the whereabouts of the child at the moment, and view the history of queries, if the tracking room was established in automatic mode.

Service "Child monitor" offers parents track their child's room with the application "Where children" on the smartphone iOS/Android that you can download from the site, while during the location do not need to be home, and it is enough to have mobile Internet.