You will need
  • The phone connected to the MTS.
The service Locator allows you to locate subscribers of MTS and "the Megaphone" - of course only with their permission. To invite people to join the search it is necessary to send an SMS message (free) with the name and number of the person to 6677. He will receive an invitation and, if in agreement, sending a TEXT will get the approximate address of residence of the subscriber.
Registration is performed once. After that, to find out where the person should be sent to the number 6677 SMS message with the word "WHERE" and the name of the one whose location you want to find out. One request costs 10 rubles.
Thanks to the service "Child monitor" parents can quickly see where are their children. Having a phone of Chad, you will need to send a TEXT message (free) with the text "MOM" or "DAD" to the number 7788 and follow the instructions of the system. After parents receive the opportunity to learn the whereabouts of their child via the information in the SMS message and see it on the map. The first two weeks of using the service will not be paid. Then the monthly fee will be 50 rubles. Requests for the locating of a child. for three family members for other family members – 5 rubles per one request.
The Manager can use the service "Mobile employees" by sending a personal Manager of MTS a request with a list of names of employees and numbers of corporate phones that need to connect to a single system. This will allow you to track the movement of employees and transport by the mobile phone and equipment with the GPS function. Fee-for-service "Mobile employees" are included in the monthly bill for corporate services. A separate account will make it possible to see the economic efficiency from the use of the service.