Available to all subscribers of "Beeline" is a short number 684. It is possible at any time to send a text message with the text L and obtain the necessary locations. For sending each request, the operator will withdraw from your account 2 rubles and 5 kopecks.
Users of "MegaFon" to search, you will need to first choose the service with which he wants to find a man. There is, for example, the service is intended only for certain subscribers. More specifically, you can use it only parents and their children because the service is available only to such tariffs as "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding". However, note that these rates are from time to time to change, so please visit the official website of "Megaphone" and to receive updated information about the service and about the conditions of its provision.
The company's customers can use other services available to absolutely everyone. So, whatever data plan you may use, you can simply visit the official website of services and there to fill in a special application. As soon as the operator receives processes the request, it will send to your mobile phone an SMS message with precise coordinates of the location of the wanted subscriber. However, this is not the only search option, you can at any time to dial the number 0888 or send a USSD-request *148* subscriber's number#.
If you are a subscriber of another mobile operator "MTS", then to locate another personand use a special service called "Locator". Request to send is quite easy and simple: on the phone keypad to dial the number of the person you are looking for, and then send it to short number 6677.