Subscribers of "Beeline" to determine the subscriber's location, you must first activate the service, allowing you to do this. Just dial the toll free number 06849924, and you can send a request SMS message to a number in 684 (in the text should contain only the letter L). The cost of each such query will be about 2-3 (according to your tariff plan).
Available to subscribers of "MegaFon" is two service. However, one of them may be available only on some tariffs, for example, "Ring-Ding" and "Smeshariki" (the list may be updated, so please visit the official website of the company and to obtain new information). The service in question, developed primarily for parents (so they can at any moment to find his child). The first method is suitable for absolutely everyone regardless of who they are to each other. Use the search on the site or through a call but the short 0888. If you send a request through the website, you can except the exact coordinates to a map where they are marked. In addition, to get the information you need about the whereabouts of any person you may, if you will send USSD-request to number *148*subscriber's number# (number must be specified via +7). For the service operator will debit your account 5 R.
For customers, the company "MTS" the service is available under the name "Locator". To use it simply: send an SMS message to the number 6677, putting in his text the number of the wanted subscriber with his name. However, before you get the coordinates, you must obtain the consent of the person you are looking for. Let it just confirms the received message (it will show the operator your number and the name of the service). For sending a search query to your account will be charged about ten rubles.