Advice 1: How to find a person for free number of MTS

Quite often there are situations when you want to find someone for free by number of MTS. If you are aware of the operator, the subscriber is connected, and its number, to achieve the desired result will be quite easy.
Find a person by number MTS free
Look at the first few digits of the number. They constitute a special code operator, which varies depending on the region in which it was registered. This way you will be able to find a person via phone number free MTS to find out what town is he from. Check the full list of operator codes on its official website.
Query a database of telephone numbers of MTS by contacting one of the offices subscriber support in your city. Of course, this should be done only if the code operator did you determine that the subscriber is near your place of residence. Just because such information is not provided. It is necessary to inform or invent a good reason: the search for a suspect in a crime, missing relative, lost his phone on the street, etc. In such situations, it is possible for the number of MTS to find a person for free using support.
Ask for help to the users of social networks. Special attention to the newsgroup of your desired city. Usually they contain special topics that you can ask to find someone for free by number of MTS. Perhaps in the group are his friends or relatives that will help you. You can also ask the group to publish an attention-grabbing ad on the main page.
Run the phone number through search engines. Often people leave ads on various sites and just messages indicating their data for feedback. In addition, if the subscriber is, for example, is your business, often has its own website, through which you can also on the number of MTS to find a person for free.
Just call the number and introduce yourself to the subscriber, for example, an employee of social surveys, maintenance operator, etc. If you need to know the caller details or to expose the fraud, feel free to introduce yourself his name and ask him to tell us the information you need. If a person is really in something is guilty, but refuses to communicate with you, you can write a statement to law enforcement authorities.

Advice 2: How to find a person by phone

If necessary, you can quite easily find a person by phone. This is perfectly legal because the mobile operator provides the subscribers multiple services based on the so-called Location-based service - service definition the current location of the phone user.
Find a person by phone is very simple
Use the service Locator to find a person by phone. Note that it requires permission of the subscriber. To contact the person and ask permission to determine its location, send a free TEXT message with his name and phone to the short number 6677. If the subscriber will receive an invitation and respond to it by agreeing, you will be able to see his approximate coordinates of the stay. In the future you will be able to find the location of the person without his consent. Just send a message with the word "WHERE" and the subscriber's name in the Latin alphabet to number 6677 query Cost is 10 rubles.
If you want to know where your kids are, use the option "Child monitor". With your child's phone send a free SMS message with the text "MOM" or "DAD" to the number 7788, and then follow the system instructions. So you will be able to know the whereabouts of the child and to see it on the map. The service is free during the first two weeks of use, after which monthly subscription fee will be 50 rubles. For three family members set unlimited number of queries to determine the location of the child. The rest of the family can submit a request for the price of 5 rubles.
Apply service "Mobile team", if you want to know where is your staff. Send a request to your personal Manager of MTS, including in it a list of names of employees and numbers corporate phone to connect to a single system. So you will be able to track the movement of employees and transport of your company on the phone and the devices with GPS function. Paid service "Mobile employees" are monthly bills for corporate services. Economic efficiency becomes the option when creating separate accounts.

Advice 3: How to find a person by phone number on the map for free online

Currently, there are services to help find a person by phone number on a map free online. You need to use certain mobile devices or services from mobile operators.
You can find a person by phone number on the map for free online

How to find someone on the map using IPhone

To find a person by phone number on a map free online, use your mobile device iPhone one of the latest versions. Thanks to Apple, users can now track the location of other subscribers. This function is available after you install one of the special apps in the App Store, for example, "Find my iPhone" or "My friends".

Sign into the app using the identification number of the IPhone (Apple ID) of your relative or friend, the location of which you want to monitor. In the future, the phone will be available for search by request through the program, and the current position of the person is displayed on the map. In this way the program works My friends. It is important to remember that all this must be done in advance, as if the man suddenly lost, you will not be able to know his identification number necessary for tracking.

Find a person by phone number on the map for free online allows iCloud from the same Apple (link is below). On the home page you need to enter a personal identifier of the phone of the desired subscriber. Go to the function "Find my iPhone", then enter your account. Once the authorization is completed, you will see a map display on her caller. On the accuracy of the coordinates of the phone can be judged according to the degree of brightness of the green dots. If you want to keep track of multiple devices, switch between them in menu "All devices".

How to find a person by phone number MTS, MegaFon and Beeline

The largest Russian mobile operators allow you to find a person by phone number on the map, but not for free and for a nominal and affordable cost. For example, MTS provides services "Locator" and "Child care," the Megaphone "Navigator", Beeline "Mobile locator". Services are activated a special command, which can be obtained by calling customer service need of the operator or by examining official site.

Remember that the man in search of the map is therefore only with his consent. Once you follow a special team, he will be notified and will have to answer "YES." Otherwise, the coordinates of the person are not identified. If the answer is positive you will be redirected to the online map, which will indicate the approximate location of the subscriber (if he is in range of a network).

Advice 4: How to find location of person by mobile number

In life often there are situations when you need to find out where is currently close people. For example, parents want to be aware of the current location of their children. Currently, the mobile operators provide this service to its users.
How to find location of person by mobile number
Use the "Locator", which is supported by the operator. It allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a person by his cell phone. To get access to the service, type on the keyboard of your device the phone you want to locate, then send it in SMS-the message on number 6677. This feature is available for free.
Find out the location of the desired subscriber using the search service, which provides subscribers Beeline. For this you need to send an SMS message with the letter code number and L the right person at 684. This is a paid service. For each request, the operator will remove from the account the amount of two roubles, five kopecks.
Find a person by his cell number in one of two ways, if you are a subscriber of MegaFon. The first of them is aimed at a narrow circle of subscribers and is designed for parents and their children. In this case, the locator becomes available only on certain tariff plans. The full list can be found on the official website of the operator. The most popular are "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding". Over time, the rates may change, so check the site often to be aware of all innovations.
Try to find someone with a second service from a Megaphone that is available to all customers, regardless of the tariff plan. To access the locator, visit the web page dedicated to this service: Here you will learn how to complete and submit a request for activation. Once you take the necessary steps, your number will receive a text message containing the exact coordinates of the location of the subscriber.

Advice 5: How to find a person through phone number free

Asking the question about how to find a person through phone number free it is important to approach the choice of means for conducting the search. You can use simple and understandable web resources, and special services.
Find a person through phone number free
Try to find a person through phone number for free using one of the Internet search engines. Enter the room and search. It is possible that the results you will see links to the social networking profile, website ads, Dating or job search, where the owner left the coordinates for a feedback. And so it may be that the number belongs to owner of the company, having your site on the Internet.
Click on the most appropriate link among the search results. Pay special attention to social networks and Dating services as these sites you can not only find a person by phone number, but also to see his photo, find the address and contact directly.
There are so-called "theory of six handshakes", according to which if each of the 5-6 people will appeal to the next along the chain, as a result it will end for you in person. Try to contact your friend or family member who has the greatest number of contacts, with a request to find a man and let him do the same action – give your request to one of your contacts. Of course, this method is time consuming and can take a long time, but if you take your time, you can check this theory.
If you need to find a person via telephone, but also to learn its current location, connect one of the special services from your network operator. For example, subscribers of Beeline can gain 06849924 and specify the number of the desired subscriber. He in turn will receive the request, and if you answer it Yes, you will get its coordinates. For subscribers of MTS can use the service "Locator". To use it, send SMS with the number of the desired person in the room 6677. He must also give consent to the determination of their coordinates, then you will receive them in a message. Users of MegaFon have an opportunity to use special fares "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding". The cost of single use data services for all operators does not exceed 10 rubles.

Advice 6: How to locate person by phone number

Modern development of high technology to provide society with innovative products that make life easier. Early to determine a person's location at any given time without outside help was an almost impossible task. Now the search is maximally simplified and is not difficult for any user. Currently, there are several ways to find the location of the person through easily accessible electronic gadgets
How to locate person by phone number

The location of the person using the mobile operator

Most methods are based on the use of advanced information technologies and communication services. The most common is the use of the services of mobile operators. The procedure for connecting this service is similar to most of them. For the convenience of customers it as simple as possible. The algorithm begins with activation of send the request in the form of a USSD command, specifying the phone number of the wanted man. After that, the request for service activation is confirmed by the SMS message according to the operator tariff. This service uses an Internet connection in order to determine the location of the person, guided by the signals of his mobile device. Users of this function enough to carry any portable device with network access.

  • The "service Locator" from Beeline (Android only): room 5166 sent a blank SMS and downloaded the app. The service costs 3 rubles a day, it is possible to track 5 rooms including operators MegaFon and MTS.
  • Service "Navigator" from the Megaphone: sent USSD-command *140# or search is on the website The desired subscriber is tracked on the website or via USSD-command *140*number search phone#, the phone being searched is indicated by format 7 XXXXXXXXXXXX. Price: 3 rubles per day. You can monitor and MTS.
  • MTS: connected to the service "Locator". Sending the USSD command *111*788# activate this service. Sending SMS to 6677 the name and phone number of the monitored subscriber, you add it to the list of monitored. For example, "DOB Catherine 89610536445". Surveillance is conducted for subscribers of MegaFon. The paid service, the price - 100 rubles a month.

Methodology an online search is available even for regular phones, do not require the installation of special software or reference to the stationary equipment, making it the most common tracking system.

Find out the location via GPS tracker

The search function also has a built in GPS tracker. This device partially duplicates the functions of a conventional phone, allowing you to receive and make calls to a limited number of rooms, with built-in GPS component associated with the satellite, makes the device a kind of "tracker", allowing with high accuracy to determine the location of the person, owning this GPS tracker.

Providing GPS tracker Sim card and adjusting the settings for receiving notifications, the user can at any time to know its position with high precision, using Internet resources, as well as through SMS. A range of options of this device enables its wearer to exercise complete control over all movements of the object of surveillance, and compact size "light", therefore it is virtually invisible and easy to use. GPS tracker is widely spread as an appropriate instrument for parents with high precision to determine the location of their children. Thanks to this device the children are under constant supervision, and their parents receive notification about their movements.

Mobile app – another way to find the location of the person

The owners of modern portable communication devices, it is advisable to use special search functions through a mobile application integrated in the operating systems of most smartphones. Downloaded and installed these programs absolutely free. The search function they are configured the best way, and in cases necessary, the specialists of service center will help you to solve all questions in the use of search programs on smartphones.

Beware of scams

When trying to learn the location of the person try not to fall for tricks fraudsters. On beautifully designed sites, they can offer these services for a nominal fee. But sending an SMS to a short number, you will simply lose money. The second option is to download the program, ostensibly to track the location of a person. Instead, the computer will simply be infected by a malicious virus.

Modern technology promotes the implementation of advanced surveillance techniques available to the masses. Thanks to modern GPS systems and special applications of the latest smartphones and programs designed for regular phones to determine the location of the person is not difficult.

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