Look at the first few digits of the number. They constitute a special code operator, which varies depending on the region in which it was registered. This way you will be able to find a person via phone number free MTS to find out what town is he from. Check the full list of operator codes on its official website.
Query a database of telephone numbers of MTS by contacting one of the offices subscriber support in your city. Of course, this should be done only if the code operator did you determine that the subscriber is near your place of residence. Just because such information is not provided. It is necessary to inform or invent a good reason: the search for a suspect in a crime, missing relative, lost his phone on the street, etc. In such situations, it is possible for the number of MTS to find a person for free using support.
Ask for help to the users of social networks. Special attention to the newsgroup of your desired city. Usually they contain special topics that you can ask to find someone for free by number of MTS. Perhaps in the group are his friends or relatives that will help you. You can also ask the group to publish an attention-grabbing ad on the main page.
Run the phone number through search engines. Often people leave ads on various sites and just messages indicating their data for feedback. In addition, if the subscriber is, for example, is your business, often has its own website, through which you can also on the number of MTS to find a person for free.
Just call the number and introduce yourself to the subscriber, for example, an employee of social surveys, maintenance operator, etc. If you need to know the caller details or to expose the fraud, feel free to introduce yourself his name and ask him to tell us the information you need. If a person is really in something is guilty, but refuses to communicate with you, you can write a statement to law enforcement authorities.