Connect the service "Locator", which allows to know the location of the subscriber of MTS. You can see on the map, where now are your friends and family no matter whether they are MTS or other Russian operators. To activate the service "Locator", you can write a message to the number 6677 (in the home region this request is free), specifying therein the name and number of the subscriber to determine the location where you wish (for example, Natalia 89176543210).
Wait until you receive your request by the subscriber. He must confirm it by sending a return message. As a result, you will get the address or approximate coordinates of the current location of a person. To deactivate the service "Locator" write off and send to the number 6677. Thus you can create a list of people for quick access to determine their location. The subscription fee for monthly usage of the service is 100 rubles.
Find out where your children, using the service MTS "the Child under supervision". Register yourself as a parent, sending a message with the text with LYUBA to the number 7788. The resulting code will be assigned to you. Using it, register and other family members if necessary.
Register the child in the context of this service by sending a message with the child's name and assigned code to the short number 7788. This should be done with his phone. Now, to determine the child's location, send a message with the word WHERE to the number 7788. In response you will receive the current coordinates of the child. Database you can enter multiple children and later find out their location on the number of MTS you can query the CHILDREN.
Try to connect additional feature that comes with the bundle service "Child monitor" from MTS, called a "notice of displacement". It will help you not only track the whereabouts of the child, but also to learn about his travels. To enable, use a personal account on the operator's website and go to the tab "geo-zones". Install the appropriate geographical area and give it a name, e.g., "School", "Friends" etc. Then you need to specify a suitable mode of control (during certain hours or days).
Be aware of where your employees are using the service from MTS "Mobile workers". Find out the number of MTS office in your city and tell your specialists a list of phone numbers and names of employees. As a result, under the terms of the agreement, you will be able to know the location of the desired numbers of MTS.