You will need
  • The phone connected to the service "MTS-search".
Child care - this service allows you to see on the map or by SMS, where is your child. You will also need your phone and the phone of the child.
To connect service it is necessary to send a message MAMA or DAD in the room 7788 (free) and follow the prompts.
The first two weeks of use of the service "Child monitor" MTS provides in the gift; then the monthly fee will be 50 rubles. Requests for the locating of a child. for three family members, while other relatives - 5 rubles per request.
"Mobile workers" – a service that allows you to track the whereabouts of employees and transport of your company, using mobile phones and equipment with the GPS function. The service provides access to the interface through a secure search system, the ability to see the location of employees and vehicles on the map, exchange messages and coordinate their actions. As a useful addition - regularly comes to e-mail a detailed report of all the movements for the day, week and month, including data on gasoline consumption and car mileage. The connection cost depends on the number of workers and vehicles, working hours, requests, etc. All can be calculated by using a special calculator on the website of MTS.
"Locator" - the service that determines the location of your friends, and, as MTS and MegaFon users. In order to use the web interface Locator", you should register on the portal "MTS-Search", enter the license username and password and choose the service you want.
Next, you should send your name and phone number of each SMS to 6677 (it's free) and to receive in response to its location, - if the friend agrees.
Remember, however, that the subscriber may revoke permission to detect it with the command "stop" sent in the message.