Advice 1: How to disable the "service Locator" on the MTS

"Locator" - this is a great service provided by the cell phone company MTS. By connecting this option, you can always be aware of where your family and friends. If the necessity of the service "Locator" will be gone, you will be able to disconnect quickly and easily.
How to disable the "service Locator" on the MTS

The first option that can help you to deactivate the service Locator provided by MTS, is to register in the personal Cabinet, where it is possible to disable it.

So, go to the official website of cellular communication of MTS ( click on the tab "my account" (located in the upper right corner of the page) and complete the registration process by providing all of the requested data. Next, click on the link that comes to your email to confirm your registration. After a few minutes you will receive a message with a username (this will be your phone number) and password.

Once the data is received, log into your account (by typing in the column username and password). In his personal cabin select "Internet assistant", here again you will need to enter a username and password, then select the tab "rates and services" then "manage services". You will see a table with all the facilities that you have. All you need to do is click on the word "disable" next to "service Locator".

An easier way of disconnecting the service "Locator" - this is a call to the operator. Dial 0890 with any SIM card MTS and ask the operator to disable this service, indicating the phone number. Within 30 minutes you will receive a notification message that the service is successfully disconnected.

And the last method that can help you to disable the "Locator" is sending SMS to 6677. The message in this case should be "off".

Advice 2 : How to disable notifications in the mail

Sometimes when you register on the site, people forget to turn off notifications in the mail about incoming messages, the news site, adding users and so on. When they begin to actively use the website, the box is inundated with alerts. To solve this problem, by unsubscribing from receiving them.
How to disable notifications in the mail
If you want to unsubscribe from receiving email notifications from the social network Vkontakte, point your browser to your personal page and click on the left menu item "Settings".
Click on the tab "Notifications". In the bottom of the page are settings for sending alerts to your Inbox, select the drop down menu to "Never notify", click "Save" and refresh the page. Also you can receive notification of events of a certain type by configuring them in the same menu item. Useful, for example, to configure the main alerts by unchecking the incoming messages.
If you have an account at and you would like to unsubscribe from receiving notifications, click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner next to your account name. Select "settings".
Click on the tab "Email address". In the bottom of the page check the box next to last position "Never write me an email" and save the changes.
Unsubscribe from receiving notifications on Twitter, go to the website and open the drop-down menu in the right corner "Settings". Open the Notifications tab and uncheck all boxes. Save the changes.
If you want to unsubscribe from a forum, open your profile settings and tick all the items on which you can notify the system. Save the changes. This paragraph applies to all forums standard type of design, but on different resources, setting up notifications can be placed in different sections of the forum.
Cancel the subscription on receiving updates from the Facebook site, opening in the upper right corner in the drop down menu of your account settings. On the left, click "Notifications." You will see a list of settings from the drop-down menu, make the appropriate changes, save them and refresh the page.
Be careful with the settings of alerts, any e-mail can be disabled.
Useful advice
Do not disable the mailing completely, in order not to miss important messages from the administration.
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