Today a lot of services propose to define the location of the person online, but unfortunately most of them are one way of fraud. Once on this site, you will be asked to enter the phone number of a wanted subscriber in a special field, then to the visibility of the process will be started processing after which you will be asked to send a text message. Of course, this is by no means impossible.

The second fraudulent scheme is less common. To find a man, you will be prompted to download a special program. Downloading the file and running it on your computer, you activate a malicious virus (e.g., Trojan horse), and to unlock the data again, you will be asked to send a text message.

The fact is that to receive information about where person is at mobile phone number without his prior consent. This procedure is simply not lawful, because every person has a right to privacy. However, there is one legal way to find out the exact location of the person, resorting to the help of major mobile operators.

The "service Locator" from Beeline

The Beeline this service is called "Locator". By activating the service, you will be able to determine his location and whereabouts of their loved ones and friends. For service activation it is necessary to send an SMS message without text on a 4-digit number 5166 or contact the operator by number 09853. To find out where it is now a particular subscriber, you should first obtain his permission to determine the exact coordinates. This can be done as follows: go to menu control Locator", select "Find a member" and follow the instruction. After performing all the necessary actions the person you are searching for, will come to an agreement on the determination of its exact location.

Service "Radar" from a Megaphone

This option from the biggest mobile operator will determine the exact location of your relatives and friends. Of course, you must first obtain the consent of the subscriber in respect of whom search is carried out. To activate the service "Radar" on the official website of the cellular company, or by using ussd-request to *566#.

The "service Locator" from MTS

In order to use the service Locator, you need to send an SMS message to the number 6677 text containing the name of the person you are looking for and his phone number (for example, Andrew 89160000000). If the subscriber gives his consent to his location, then you will receive a reply SMS with its coordinates and the service connection will occur automatically. To disable location services should send an SMS to the same number with the text "off".