Any user of the network "MTS" can connect the so-called locator, that is, a service with which you can always locate a person by his phone. To use the locator is incredibly simple to access it enter on keyboard the cell phone number of the person you wish to locate, and then send it to short number 6677. The service is free.
Use the search at any time can the subscribers of "Beeline". They will only need to send SMS-message to service number 684. In the text be sure to include the letter L. For the administration of each such request, the operator will withdraw from your account an amount equal to two rubles and five cents.
In that case, if you use the services of the communication company "MegaFon", then find location of cell phone you will be able in two ways. For this you will need to use one of the services. The first of these was developed by the operator for a narrow circle of subscribers, namely for children and their parents. So the locator is only available on certain tariff plans. Their full list is on the official website of MegaFon, that's just some of them: "Ring-Ding", "Smeshariki". Over time, these fees may change, so check the site occasionally for new information.
But the second service, on the contrary, is available for any of the company's customers, regardless of tariff plan it enjoys at the moment. To access the locator, visit the website specifically dedicated to service. It is located at There you will find the application form, which you will need to complete and send to the operator. Nrsu after he gets your application, on your cell phone will receive a message with the exact coordinates of the location of the subscriber. In addition to the website, there is USSD-dial *148* subscriber number# and short 0888.