If the man suddenly disappeared, and you suspect he had an accident, contact the police. Law enforcement officers will make a request to the cellular company, and the operator can accurately locate the SIM card of the user. To go straight to the organization providing cellular services useless, as its employees are not entitled to disclose confidential information to anyone except the government officials.
If you want to constantly monitor the whereabouts of some man, be it a child, girlfriend or anyone else, download the finder. On the Internet a lot of sites offering such software. For example,цйй. The download is paid. Install the software in the phone, enter in it the number of the desired subscriber and get access to his mobile phone and information about its location. However, this app does not work with all phone models, so check in advance the compatibility of your mobile with such software.
Learn all about the owner of mobile communications will also help search engines, for example, or Type in the number you want your phone and find out all about registering his master in social networks, Dating sites, sent out in different companies of the summary, as well as the location of the device at the moment. Services are paid for and will require registration.
To determine the approximate place of residence of the subscriber, it is possible for DEF code. This is the first six digits of any phone number. Download table cell telephone codes here: Look at the number and by the first digits determine which city purchased the SIM card. This is useful if, for example, met on the Internet and want to learn more about the man, and he prefers to keep a secret. In addition, this information will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses on cellular communication.