The easiest way to find out balance on phone a Megaphone to dial the mobile phone USSD-command *100# and press the call key. After a few seconds the information about the account status will appear on the screen, you will receive a text message with the desired data. This option is available for free.
Take advantage of the free room 8-800-333-0500 to learn how much money on your MegaFon account. Please note that you must be a subscriber of the operator and to dial a number in the range of a network. Follow the instructions in the voice menu by pressing the right buttons on the phone (you will need three times to press "1"), then the responder will tell you your balance. Also you can directly press "0" to connect with the helpdesk. Ask them to report the number of funds in your mobile account.
Open the official website of MegaFon. Click on "Service Guide" located in the top right of the page. Enter in the appropriate fields phone number and a personal password. To obtain the password if you log in for the first time, dial *105*00#, resulting in the desired combination will be sent to you via text message. Once loaded, self-service, review your personal information at the top of the page. Here you can find the information about your account balance.
Find out the cost of mobile services in the personal office system "Service-Guide" for a more detailed control over your account. To do this, click on the link "one-time specification" in the left menu. Select the accounting period and method of displaying information by Fax or email. You can see detail of completed calls, SMS messages and online services over the past six months. After specifying all the required data report will be automatically generated and sent to you by your chosen method.
You can check the balance of another subscriber of the Megaphone, by activating the service "Balance the family". To do this, ask a friend to add you to "white list" by sending his phone an SMS-message to number 000006. In the message text, you need to specify your phone number with "+" sign and without the eight. Now you'll be able to check the account of your friend or relative, typing from your phone *100*(number of a man without eight the "+"sign)#.