Refer to the client agreement, which you signed at registration of the SIM card or the last connecting those services to find out your rate on the Megaphone. If if this document is missing, you can contact one of the nearest shops of the company, taking with him a passport. The office staff will help you find out the rate of MegaFon by phone number.
Use short number service, and operator 0500. You will get to the voice menu. Listen to the instructions of the answering machine and navigate to the corresponding item. Usually information about the connected rate is available when you press the numbers "1" and then "3". You can also just wait some time, or at any time press "0" to contact the employee support. Be prepared to call your number and passport details, after which you will report the necessary information.
Try to find out the rate on a Megaphone through the phone by typing a special combination of characters (USSD request) *105#. In the on-screen function menu, select "My account" or "Rates". Next, go to the bottom item on the screen has information about your current connected services. More information about the tariff plans can be accessed through USSD-command *105*2#.
View tariff plan MegaFon you can also via the Internet, using the special online service provider "Service Guide", the link to which you will find on the website Enter your existing username and password to log into your personal account or receive them, using the specified on-screen instructions. On the main page of personal Cabinet you can get all the necessary information for your number and customer contract, including the current rate of a Megaphone.