Look on the desktop or in the quick menu icon Megaphone. Click right mouse button and select "Open". After that you will open a green window.
At the top of the open window, look for the word "Balance" and click the left button. Will appear another window, but only in white. It is possible to choose already incorporated a team or enter your own.
Look for a green little arrow in front of a long window, which is located inside the large white box. Click on it, and leave the title "Check balance", "activate a card" and "card Activation payment to another room. Select the desired item and click on it. If you do not have proposed functions, just enter the command *100#.
Wait a few seconds and slightly above the row in which you entered the room, you will see the available cash balance on the SIM card.
If you can't find the program modem the Megaphone of these functions, just remove the SIM card from the device and place it in the cell phone, and then check the balance.