The surest way to know your phone number Megaphone - find the documents from the purchased SIM cards. There are not only the numbers but also many other important information: rate, useful phone numbers, settings, pin and puck codes.
It is easy to find your room if you are near another owner of the mobile. We can call him or send an SMS, then it will display your phone.
But how do you know your number Megaphone, if you have enabled calling number identification restriction, no money in the account or no one is around? And then the operators took care of their forgetful customers. Learn the numbers on your phone you can use USSD-command.
If you are a subscriber of Moscow, Central, far East, Ural, Volga regions, you can dial *205# and press call. On the phone screen to display the ten-digit phone number. The subscribers of North-West region, including St. Petersburg, are required to complete a request *127#, Siberia *70#. You should pay attention to the fact that service is paid. It costs one ruble, but in roaming, this amount may be more.
Many people also need to know your number SIM card of the Megaphone on the tablet. To view your numbers, you need to go through the mobile Internet to the website operator with a tablet computer. At the top of the portal will be displayed not only phone number, but the balance of the SIM card. In this case, when a user is in the home area will be traffic free.
View your phone number, you can actually mobile or tablet. For example, on the iPhone it can be found in settings under "phone".
If for any reason failed to learn their number MegaFon above methods, you can always apply with a passport to the salon communication. It will help to solve any problem of the subscriber.