How to find out what is connected on the Megaphone

Use the self-service system "Service-Guide" that lets you know what is connected on the Megaphone, and how to disable paid services. For this you can dial from your mobile phone command *105# (or *100#, *105*1*1*2# etc., depending on the current rate). You will receive a message with the list of currently connected on-demand services.

Try to go to "Internet Assistant" on the website of MegaFon, clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the page. Following the steps indicated on the screen, you will receive a password to enter the system. Go to the menu of services to see what is connected on the Megaphone, and how to disable current subscriptions and services. Here you can change the tariff plan, to look at the costs to set up payments and monitor account status.

Contact the operator MegaFon to find out what services are available on the phone. To do this, dial the number 0500. You can listen to a list of current services in automatic mode or select the connection with customer support directly, by clicking a particular button in voice menu.

Contact any physical salon or office Megaphone in your town, taking with him a passport. The office staff are obliged to report any information about mobile services at the client's request.

How to disable paid services Megaphone

Disable unneeded service or subscription on the Megaphone immediately after the command *105#. The system will automatically offer to dial the desired command to cessation services. Also you can just send a text message with the word STOP to the number from which you receive information about a particular service or subscription, then the service activity will be terminated.

Disable paid services, by contacting the company MegaFon by phone 0500 or visit your nearest physical office. At your request, the support staff will make the necessary manipulations and will suspend the extra services. If any service has been connected without your knowledge, ask for a sample of application-complaints to the office and fill it out. Validation information for the use of unnecessary services will be refunded to your account after some time.