To know the balance on the account and the amount of Internet traffic using the system "Service-Guide" or via USSD-query. In that case, if you need to Fund your account you can do it by credit card (conventional or electronic, does not matter), and not leaving the house. A payment can be made through the website or In addition, there are a single payment card "Megaphone" of different denominations.
If the rate of the Internet, which you are using at the moment, you are not satisfied, it is possible to connect a new package "the Megaphone". To do this simply via an SMS request to the number 000105 text "3354", "3353", "3352" and "3351" (each of these numbers corresponds to a package volume of traffic (900, 500, 200 and 100 MB). The first time change your tariff plan free of charge, but each additional will cost 30 rubles.
Use of Internet can be done from your mobile phone. It is necessary to obtain a specific configuration. To send a request is quite simple: dial short number 0500 or send a text message on 5049 text 1. Test your balance in this case will be using *100# or call on free number 0501.