Learn about outgoing calls you can use the self-service system "Service-Guide". To use it, go to the official website of the cellular operator "MegaFon". On the home page find the option "Service Guide", it is located in the upper right corner, click on it.
You will see the page where you will conduct a ten-digit phone number and password for access. Enter this information and click on the option "Login". In that case, when you first use the self service system, you will need to create a four digit password. Dial from your phone *105*2# and call button, then proceed according to the service message.
After logging into the self service area menu that is to your left, find the item "account", then click on the option "Detail of call". You will see the page where you will enter required parameters. First, specify the period for which you want information. Then write the email address where to send the information about the outgoing calls. Also decide the format. At the end, click "Order".
In that case, if you want to get information about the order detail on your phone, put a tick in the appropriate box. After that, you will receive a notification that the ordered detail. For some time the information will be sent to the specified email address.
To get information about outgoing calls, you can at the nearest office of the cellular operator "MegaFon". When you call you must have a document proving your identity. In that case, if the number is not in you, take a power of attorney from the owner.