Send a free request "Call me" to the customer of any mobile operator in Russia. This service requires no special connection; access to it is given automatically when connecting to the tariff plans of "MegaFon". Type on keyboard *144* number of subscriber, a call from who you would expect, and #. Number you can type in national (8-926...) or international format (+7-926...). The service is provided in the region of the subscriber of "MegaFon", and roaming.
During the day send no more than ten "orders" to call you. The one to whom you request the call, will receive on your behalf SMSmessage with the phrase "Subscriber [next number] asks you to call him back". In this case you will receive a sent confirmation in the form of SMS messages that the subscriber (hereinafter number) sent a request need to call back.
Call even with zero balance. The conversation will be paid your friend for the price of 3 rubles per minute (in any tariff plan). To connect this service, dial 000 and the number of the called customer. During incoming call it is, as usual, will see the name of the subscriber that invoked it. However, when receiving a call he will hear, as an employee of MegaFon says your number and invites him to speak at their own expense for 3 rubles per minute. If he is willing to pay for the interview, he will need to press "1" during or immediately after the information message. Then you will be connected. If a person does not agree, he should reject the call.