Try to call her again at "the Megaphone" the other party by sending free request. This can be done regardless of which operator is connected to the source. The service requires no special connection has no monthly fees and accessible to all subscribers of "MegaFon". It's enough to type with your phone USSD-command, and then press the call key.
Start typing USSD-command code *144*, then specify the number of called subscriber (through the group), add # and press the call key. You will see a notification about the successful commit request. Within a few minutes, the subscriber will receive a message asking you to call back from you. Dial your number he can in the presence of money on his mobile account.
Per day you can send up to 10 messages asking them to call your number. In this case, you can ask the other party to Fund your account, thus getting the opportunity to contact him yourself. To do this, dial *133*(amount)*(phone number)# and make the call. The calling subscriber will receive an automated message with instructions on how to transfer funds to your account.
If the called subscriber does not answer for various reasons (for example, the number is busy or is out of range of the network), dial short number 0759 and follow the voice instructions connect service "I called". After that, try to send the right request to the other party. As soon as his number is active again, he will receive a notification of the "Subscriber could not get through to You." In the future he will be able to call you back.
Go to special section send free SMS messages on the official website of the operator "MegaFon". Enter the phone number and write your message, putting it, for example, a request to call back. Subscribe and let your number so the caller could see from whom the notice came.