The first option is the easiest: you dial a short number, in a well-known variant:
Fire protection - 01
Police (police)- 02
Ambulance - 03
Service gas - 04Однако, it is possible that the model of your mobile phone can not establish a connection with short numbers. In this case, after similar rooms in addition to take 0:
Fire Department - 010
Police (police) - 020
Ambulance - 030
Service of gas - 040
Another way - just remember the number of emergency - 112. When you call this number you will hear a message about the future set for connection to an emergency room.
To connect to:
fire Department, press 1:
with the police (the police), press 2;
with the ambulance service, press 3;
with gas service — press 4.
After pressing the selected key is a connection with the desired service.