To know which tariff you are using at the moment, turning to the salon of communication "MegaFon", or the technical support center subscribers. Experts will help you by providing the right information, and also changing the tariff plan for more profitable and convenient (if you need it). Learn the addresses of the nearest shops you can on the official website of the operator.
Plus, get information about your tariff to the network "MegaFon North-West", perhaps by using a "Service Guide". First log in (i.e. enter your username and password), and then select the tab "For contract subscribers. Clients of the operator "MegaFon" can also learn more about your tariff plan free phone service subscription 500.
To get acquainted with the tariffs of "MegaFon", get to know about the services, visit self service system "Service-Guide", to get the latest news from the operator customers can use the "Interactive Assistant" (an information kiosk with 3G modem). Such assistants located in offices sales and service "the Megaphone". Fee for use is charged.