For admission in the UNIVERSITY to the admissions office of the chosen faculty are provided the necessary documents or their copies. When choosing full-time students this should be done in the 20 days of June as at the beginning of July is already being tested, and in early August - enrollment to the specialty.On the correspondence form of training of the reception of documents starts from the end of June, but lasts until mid-August. The sooner you apply, the less time you will have later and you will be able to fully concentrate on the entrance tests.The list of necessary documents may differ slightly depending on the requirements of the UNIVERSITYand what should be clarified in the admissions office. However, the basis of one.For admission in the UNIVERSITY you must provide proof of the exam for all rented items, the original or a copy. It is necessary to complete the application for direction of preparation of specialists, bachelors or masters. The sample and the request form you will receive in the admissions office of the faculty.Also, you must personally submit the passport and bring a photocopy of 2,3 and 5 pages.Provide the original or a copy of the document on secondary or higher education: certificate, diploma. If you apply to several UNIVERSITYof s, then the original should be kept with you to take after receipt of the examination results directly to the faculty where you will do.However, the benefits you must provide evidence.It is advisable to bring originals and copies to pass letters of thanks and appreciation letters, results from competitions, a diploma of the music school. Members have the right to include them in the list handed over documents, which could then facilitate your enrollment.The admission to UNIVERSITY is based on the results of the exam, if they are high enough. For those who have not passed the unified state exam necessary for admission subjects or did not have such possibility, entrance tests are held directly in the UNIVERSITYE. the Date and place of testing should be clarified in the admissions office when submitting documents.Before enrolling at the faculty, you will need to provide originals of the certificate exam and a certificate or diploma of previous education.To fill documents and registration student card surrender 6 photos 3x4.For admission on-campus are also available: medical certificate form № 086-y, a copy of medical insurance policy. Military ID or military service registration certificate are presented personally by the members of the selection Committee.After you enroll in their chosen specialty don't forget to take the documents from other faculties and the UNIVERSITYs, if you've applied to a few places.