Determine the first circle of your most important interests and Hobbies. For example, if you want to help people, you like public important work, you can think about applying to medical school. Those who like to understand the laws, and who wants to keep his city in order, we should think about getting into law school, etc.
If you can't determine exactly what is your passion, pay attention to your performance in school or College. Most likely, some discipline you better are: mathematical, technical, humanitarian, etc. depending on this study the relevant areas at various universities and then to determine the appropriate specialty.
Grade 9 students at the end of the school year can receive a certificate of incomplete secondary education and continue studying in College, College and other institutions of this type. In them young people are trained in technical and other professions and after graduating can get a job or get an external higher education at the University.
Graduates 11 classes in advance to choose the right higher education institution according to certain parameters, such as the diploma of the state or non-state sample, training in specialist or undergraduate, full-time or part time, paid or budgetary basis. If the selected University is satisfied for the chosen parameters, it is necessary to study proposed program of study and existing conditions.
Make sure that you choose a profession in demand on the city and the Russian labour market, and after graduation you will be able to successfully get a job. Also find out how valued a degree from University among employers, whether they are paying attention to the institution that graduated from the applicant.