The need for additional examinations of the leading universities of the country are motivated by the desire to choose a really well-prepared applicants. In addition, given the very large number of those who enroll in these educational institutions choose the best students in the exam is sometimes very difficult, as many of them are equally high scores. It the additional test in this case allows to choose the most knowledgeable applicants.

A supplementary examination can only be one, its shape and timing is determined by institutions. As a rule, the examinations at the leading Universities of the country are in the period 5 to 20 July. They are so separated in time so that the students could try to pass the exam in several educational institutions. However, in some leading universities of the further examination, no admission is made only on the exam – for example, in MGTU named after Bauman. Find out all details about the timing of the examination and its form on the website you are interested in schools.

In 2012, an additional examination would be done in the following schools:
Moscow state University;
- Saint-Petersburg state University;
- Moscow state legal Academy named after O. E. Kutafin (specialty "Jurisprudence");
- Moscow state pedagogical University (speciality "Linguistics", "Sociology");
- Russian state humanitarian University (specialty "Linguistics", "linguistics and Translation", "Fundamental and applied linguistics");
Moscow state linguistic University (specialty "Advertising and public relations", "Linguistics");
- Saint-Petersburg state University of aerospace instrumentation SUAI (specialty "information and communication technologies and communication system");
- Nizhny Novgorod state linguistic University. N. A. Dobrolyubov (specialty "Translation and translatology").