You will need
  • The application for a pass
In Severomorsk you can arrange individual or collective pass, whichever comes single person or with a group. For this you need to apply to the border Directorate for the Murmansk region. In a statement on the granting of passes include the following information: full name (I. F. O.), date and place of birth, place of residence and residence, and also data on the identity document (series and number of passport, date and place of issue). In addition, the security services may be interested in such information as place of work, contact information. If you make a pass from the sending organization, you need to have a statement certified by this organization.
You can apply in person or Fax. Officially provides a way of filing email, but in reality it is not applied. Address and Fax number at which you can apply are listed on the website of the government of Murmansk: This border management in the Murmansk region, they are located in Murmansk, p. G. T., Nickel, S., Alacati.
At the point of issuance of permits needed to take a standard application form for the admission. If you cannot come personally, then request the form by Fax, just send your completed application.
The decision on issuing the permit is accepted in 30 days. In some cases, it can legally be extended for another 30 days, so if you are planning a trip, apply in advance. The access pass is for six months, after the expiration it can be renewed at the same rate.
To pick up a pass, report to the issuing point. Also it can take away the person that you are in Severomorsk invites. It needs some way to transfer the pass to the person for whom it is intended.