To close pictures in the "Classmates", you can use several options. Read instructions carefully and select the most suitable ones.

How to hide pictures in the "Classmates": the first method

To implement his plan, first go to the site "Classmates" and sign in to your account. For this you will need the username and password from your page.

Find the tab "Photos" in the main menu of profile and navigate.

Select the album of pictures which you want to close from prying eyes, and go into it.

About name photo album you will see the settings menu. When you click on it, will be able to see the options of privacy. Select the lists those people who will be able to view the album and click on the "Save" button. For example, it may be only your friends.

How to make photo in the "Classmates" closed: method two

To close the photo in the "Classmates", of course, you need to log on to the website as in the previous case.

Then go to a list of all your uploaded photo albums and not going into one of them, hover over the main photo of the album of pictures which need to be closed.

The pop-up menu click on the "Change settings". Select the desired partitions and save the changes.

When you create a new album you can make these settings in advance.

How close up pics in the "Classmates" from strangers: the third method

If you don't want that people outside your friends list, seen loaded on the page image, you can completely close your profile.

This is a paid service, so to restrict access to your page you need to recharge.

To use a closed profile, you need to go to the main page of your profile and under the avatar, click on "More". In the ensuing menu, click the "Close profile" and pay for the service from a mobile phone, following the instructions.

Thanks to the inclusion of the private profile will be able to close photos in the "Classmates", not only in albums, but also on the avatar. A person who is not your friend, can only see a smaller copy of the main photo.