How to unlock the account?

In such cases no need to panic. As a rule, the administration of the social network announces its decision to close the profile by e-mail or SMS message on the phone and explains why, and describes the algorithm of your actions to restore access. If the message you received, carefully review the email, including "Spam" folder, probably you just did not notice the letter. To open a closed profile, log on to the site "Classmates" and write an email to support describing your situation.

When you create your account you fill in the registration form where indicated contact information. If you specify a phone number, open profile takes a few minutes. The phone number listed on the website, you will be sent a new one-time password from your page to ensure that you were able to get into your office and change the data.

If the phone has not been specified, you will have to fill out a form provided for restoring the profile. Try very carefully fill in the fields and to avoid discrepancies with the data that you entered at registration, otherwise you may have to unlock the account. After filling the form send your application for consideration to to tech support by clicking on the appropriate button. In the case of a positive decision on your e-mail will be sent a new password from your page.

How to change profile settings

If your profile no one blocked, and you need to change the settings of the publicity you need on the page select "Edit settings", then go to the tab "Preferences publicity", go to "Privacy" and select the desired option.

How to get into a private profile of another user?

In order to view a private profile, you should ask friend to this man. If your application is approved you will have access to all materials, including personal photos, albums, friends list and other private information, which the person wants to share only with friends. Similarly, you can get into the closed community. You can send a request to the group administrator or come into it at the invitation of the party. In the latter case, you will be pre-acquainted with the group without becoming a member. For this you can click on the link provided in the invitation. As you can see, there are quite a lot of legal and easy ways to open a private profile in Friendster.