Purchase not the most expensive tablet can be a wise act, because the available range of these gadgets you can choose a very good thing at very reasonable price. Let's think about what we need to pay attention to buy a cheap tablet, which will justify your expectations.

First I want to remind you that not every novelty is really needed to everyone. Of course, the release of new products and their active advertising is an effective move, which pushes the sales of any company, so before you stop at a particular model of tablet, forget everything you were told in the commercials.

Selection criteria budget tablet:

1. Key features of "hardware".

Of course, the more memory (RAM and ROM) the tablet is better, but there is a lower threshold at which a tablet will be quite good to perform key functions. In my opinion, RAM is cheap tablet should be at least 1 GB, and constant - from 8-16 GB. In this case, the tablet is quite comfortable to browse websites, listen to music, watch videos (online or downloaded to card or internal storage).

Of course, it should be possible to connect to a WiFi network (today I don't see new tablets without this feature). It is desirable that the tablet could connect through the device (mouse, keyboard, and other device) via Bluetooth and USB. Conveniently, if it is possible to insert a SIM card for mobile Internet, and there is a module LTE.

2. The size of the screen matrix.

Today are TFT and IPS matrix. The fundamental difference for the average user between them. The main advantages of IPS panels in front of the TFT in the wider viewing angles and more saturated color reproduction. Both matrices support a decent screen resolution. Choose IPS the matrix costs in case you plan on watching videos or photos with friends or colleagues.

Most convenient for the user is the screen size of 7 inches and a resolution of 1024 pixels along one of the sides.

3. Operating system.

Perhaps, at least 80% of budget tablets powered by the popular Android OS. It is quite convenient and intuitive for most users, but if you have big desire, you can select the tablet on Windows.

4. Additional features.

Increasingly found in the sale of so-called tablets level, that is, a tablet with keyboard. Such devices are especially useful to those who need to work with the documents (type or edit large amounts of text). Tablets level can be found at very affordable prices (up to 10 thousand rubles.).

5. Case material.

If you are awkward or have to constantly travel around the country, as well as for the child, should choose the tablet in the case of aluminum. Otherwise, it is quite suitable and conventional tablet in a plastic housing.