You will need
  • - a registered account in the social network "Odnoklassniki";
  • - a new photo.
Open your preferred browser, go to the page of social network "Odnoklassniki". If you are logged in, enter in the appropriate box your e-mail address and password. Will open your page. Move your mouse to set the main photo. Bottom-the popup window will appear the line "Change photo". Click on it with your mouse once.
On top of the open page opens a separate window where you are prompted to select a photo from existing in your profile or add a photo. For example, a suitable photo you choose and want to set as the cover photo completely new picture. Click once on the icon that says "Add photo". In the window that appears, select the storage location you need pictures. Select the photo by clicking on it with the mouse, then click "Open".
Wait a little while to load picture. Depending on your Internet speed and photo size, the process can take from several seconds to several minutes. After this pictures in your profile are replaced with the downloaded image.
Try to download edit the photo size so that the center of the frame appeared the face (of course, unless stipulated otherwise). Image it is advisable to choose a clear – otherwise if you reduce it to avatar will be hard to see who's pictured.
If you want to choose a photo from the pre-loaded, the selection window you can scroll through all the photos that are in your albums. Move the mouse cursor over the desired picture and click on it once. It will open for viewing. If you want to crop the image, click "Edit" - the photo will open in a separate window where you can select the fragment which will be displayed on your page.