In invisible mode, the user not only to enter anonymously on other people's pages, but in General the site unnoticed (the icon "online" on avatar thus will not burn).
To be incognito, we should not give grades, write messages and comments. Other users will always see who received the letter.

Early on the guest list instead of the data of the visitor, who wished to remain anonymous, display the avatar invisible. But the developers have improved the service. Mystery guest General leaves no traces – the user won't even know someone had gone through his account.

But the invisible can visit all of the pages. Not available private profiles (unless he is a friend of that user in the social network), as well as the accounts of people who have made it into the "black list".

How to activate "Invisible"

To activate the service, click on the "More" button in the menu located under your photo on the main page. Then, in the list that appears, select "Turn invisible". After this it is necessary to establish the validity of the mode – 10, 25 or 50 days. The service will be activated from the moment of its payment. During the entire period the user can enable and disable stealth mode using the appropriate button on the main page under the avatar. Buy a service can be reused.

Regardless of the chosen term, after which all visits other people's pages in invisible mode will remain hidden.

How to pay for stealth mode

In the "Classmates" all paid services are valued the bonus units OK. This is a kind of currency in the "Classmates", its value depends on the country of residence and Deposit method.

The activation of a "Stealth" for 10 days is 20 OK 25 days – 50 OK, 50 days – 100 OK.
On average, 1 OK is equal to 1 ruble. When cashing out through the phone 20 OK cost about 35 roubles via Bank card or terminal – 20 rubles, using electronic money, from 18 to 22 rubles.

After you choose the duration of the regime, it is necessary to pay for the service, that is cash OK. This can be done in four ways: via phone, payment terminals, Bank cards or electronic money. This is easier and faster just to make a purchase using a mobile phone, but is more profitable – using credit card or electronic cash. If you are going to pay for the service via cell, keep in mind that the rate can also depend on operator.