You can just delete your photos - just a few or one. You can access via the profile page (a few photos will show next to the main profile photo). In the upper right corner you will find a group of characters with which you can perform various actions: "Add photo," "Open photo properties" and finally "Uninstall". You need to click on the red x responsible for removal, and you will automatically be transferred to the page to view the album, which was remote photo.
You can delete a photo without opening it. Just open the album in which it is located. The interface of the social network allows you to delete photos "on the spot". Just click on the red x that is displayed together with other icons to the right of the image. However, you are warned that if you remove it, it will no longer appear in other places where you might want to post it. This protects you from accidental deletes.
To remove photos another way. Open the album where your victim and select "Group edit". There you can change the image name, label, choose a theme, and most importantly, delete the photo (you just need to click on the already familiar red cross).
It is possible that you do not need to delete a photo, you just want to remove it from the home page. Photos and so will be visible in a scaled-down, but at least to see them will not be so easy. It is enough to visit the album, or change photo settings. In the album select as in the preceding paragraph, "bulk edit" and put "ava" any other photo or don't put any.