Advice 1: How to remove marks for photos

Photos from birthday, graduation, Studio photo shoot or old photos of children, domestic animals or artistic landscapes. No matter what the photo represents. The main thing – that your joy close images shared and your friends. What to do if there were people who put a bad rating to my pictures?
How to remove marks for photos
Posting photos to the Internet, a user wants to share joyful moments, to talk about their life, to attract attention and perhaps to attract the popularity and universal fame. Whatever the reasons for posting photos on social networks, you always want to get a nice feedback. But unfortunately, many are too critical of friends, leaving unwanted comments or a low rating to a photo. In this case the sender of the photos can easily delete unflattering comments, but with the estimates is more complicated.
Remove the rating affixed to the photo, can't even rated the image. But in some social networks, the owner of the pictures can still close unwanted low score. For example, in the "Classmates" just go to the section with ratings for their photos to bring on the wrong evaluation of the cursor and choose Delete.
To hide the fact that you are hurt unfairly low score, in other social networks will delete the picture itself - no other options. In this case, your friends are once again put under the image "five" and "hearts" and offended you, the person realizes his mistake. If you want to protect your page from unnecessary evaluations of a particular user, restrict its ability to your page using the privacy settings or even add the page to your ignore list. After that, you can be sure that the enemy won't bother you anymore.
Don't trust the services that offer removal of unwanted evaluations for a fee! Social networks do not introduce such a service, providing equal opportunities to all registered users. Do not give your money to fraudsters, and especially don't tell other people the password of your page, even if they generously offer help in the removal of low ratings.
If you remove a low or high rating under the pictures everywhere possible, the removal of the "hearts" and "likes", users can access almost any service. If your post or picture put "heart" your fan, which you want to hide from a jealous partner, click on the "likes" to view all users who rated the photo. Hover over the photo and the "extra" man and click the cross that appears in the upper right corner of his avatar. Now his rating is removed.
To remove a "like", left the social network, you can by pressing the button "I like". However, if the sender of the photos was online in that moment, when you like, most likely, he saw an instant notification about your assessment.

Advice 2: How to delete photos in the "Classmates"

If you love to share with friends your photos in the "Classmates", then you probably know that they can rate it. Here you have created a new album uploaded your images, but some of them suddenly did not like you or your friends they are not appreciated. Then the question arises, how to delete photos in the "Classmates".
How to delete photos in Friendster

Using the social network "Classmates", you probably noticed that when you hover over a photo POPs up a menu where you can choose different actions applied to loaded images. Unfortunately, the line that deletes the pictures there.

How to remove photos from albums in the "Classmates"

To delete a photo in Facebook, first you need to login by entering username and password. Once logged into your account, go to Photos and open the album you want.

Under each photo you can see little squares, hover over the ones you don't like and select by pressing the left mouse button.

If all unnecessary images appeared show, note the line at the top above the list of photos, it has a section "to Remove".

Clicking on this button you will get rid of the selected photos.

How to remove the photos from the avatars in the "Classmates"

To remove a photo from "Classmates" in your albums is quite simple. But, decided to take a picture with ava, you will notice that it is impossible.

But do not worry because of this situation there is a way. You just need to change main photo on the new one and then get rid of the old.

To do this, go to the section with photos, hover over any photo and from the popup, select "Make main".

When your avatar updates again, go to the page with the photo and check the old picture on the main profile page. Now you can easily delete photos from "Classmates", acting on instructions described above.

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