First you will need to log on to his page in the social network "Schoolmates". On the home page in a special window in the appropriate lines enter your credentials – username and password specified during registration on the website, and then click "Enter". For convenience, if the computer has only you on the home page of the site where you specified the username and password put a tick in the box next to "Remember me." Once will be on the main page, you can save it in your browser bookmarks and later had to go to the website with one mouse click.
When you are on the page, hover over the main photo and in the drop down box, click on the link that says "Change photo." Then, the page will open in a new window where you can select any image from the previously added into the category of "Personal photos" or add a new picture.
To select an image already available on the website, click on the desired photo. Then, if needed, can use additional functions of the edit image. Click on the link "Edit photo" and navigate to the settings. Drag a frame to select the desired area of the picture. It is this part of the image inside the frame will be visible to your friends, will be displayed in the discussions on your page as ava.
If you are satisfied, click "Finish". If you require additional changes, click "Cancel" and select the desired area of the image.
You can also add a photo folder on the computer or on removable media. In this case, click on an empty square that says "Add photo" and specify the location of the required image. Edit the view and click Finish. Now you have a new ava, and then wait to your page guests. As a rule, after the change of personal photos of them is quite a lot.