You will need
  • computer;
  • — access to the Internet;
  • — User ID.
The easiest and most honest way to see other people's photos, is add a friend to man. Unable to write to him adding that he interests you that you would like to chat and see his photos. In most cases, the user you add.
If that happens, try different. Go to the website enter your username and password. This website is safe, he is created by Pavel Durov, only has a different interface. By the way, if you are at work or school blocked access to this social network, you can use this site to communicate with friends. Now, go to page a person of your interest. See "Photos with user". Just one click and you'll see all photos in which the tagged person.
To see other closed albums, visit Enter your user ID in the window, click on the "view!". The resource will give you the links to private albums, notes, apps, etc.
Go to the website This site is not hacking accounts, does not pick passwords, it helps to see the private photos. Enter your user ID and click "watch!". The system will give you access to the albums of that user. In addition, this website will tell you how to circumvent the ban on access to social networks. To do this, follow the link
If you want to open your albums, then go to privacy settings. Select "who can watch with me", open access to all. Also go to "who can see my page on the Internet." Click "all users Vkontakte". Now click "my albums". Click "edit" on those albums which you want to open. Select "who can view this album?" and open access to all users. Similarly, you can make comments to the album.