Advice 1: How to open locked albums

Social networks offer many opportunities to its users. One of them is the photo albums that are hidden by privacy settings. In order to access the albums, you need to know a few secrets.
How to open locked albums
You will need
  • computer;
  • — access to the Internet;
  • — User ID.
The easiest and most honest way to see other people's photos, is add a friend to man. Unable to write to him adding that he interests you that you would like to chat and see his photos. In most cases, the user you add.
If that happens, try different. Go to the website enter your username and password. This website is safe, he is created by Pavel Durov, only has a different interface. By the way, if you are at work or school blocked access to this social network, you can use this site to communicate with friends. Now, go to page a person of your interest. See "Photos with user". Just one click and you'll see all photos in which the tagged person.
To see other closed albums, visit Enter your user ID in the window, click on the "view!". The resource will give you the links to private albums, notes, apps, etc.
Go to the website This site is not hacking accounts, does not pick passwords, it helps to see the private photos. Enter your user ID and click "watch!". The system will give you access to the albums of that user. In addition, this website will tell you how to circumvent the ban on access to social networks. To do this, follow the link
If you want to open your albums, then go to privacy settings. Select "who can watch with me", open access to all. Also go to "who can see my page on the Internet." Click "all users Vkontakte". Now click "my albums". Click "edit" on those albums which you want to open. Select "who can view this album?" and open access to all users. Similarly, you can make comments to the album.
If you don't want your albums to look, then close the privacy settings to access them.
Useful advice
Carefully read the privacy settings, they will guide you how to access the albums or close. And use a complex password so your page was not hacked.

Advice 2 : How to open hidden page

"Vkontakte" – the most popular and visited social network in our country. Going to the page of any user can be a few minutes to get acquainted with his life (marital status, education, place of residence, photographs and so on). Here only one user open my page for public viewing and others do not. But this prohibition can be overcome by using special techniques.
How to open hidden page
To view a hidden page with the correct user ID, find the page of the person and in the browser view the link which will look like the following: id=XXXXXX , XXXXXX is the ID. Next, to see hidden data paste the links below in which after the equals sign, type the ID value and press Enter.- photos.php?id= (picture);- video.php?id= (video);- audio.php?id= (record);- notes.php?id= (notes);- groups.php?id= (closed group);- rate.php?act=vote&id= (indoor rating);- apps.php?mid= (hidden apps);- gifts.php?id= (hidden gifts).This way you get to see the hidden page the user only if he concealed only his own page and forgot to hide photo albums, videos, notes and so on.
To see the hidden page the user can through the official website of Pavel Durov called To do this, click on it, enter your username and password. Then, to view the user data in the address bar of the browser enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. To view the status enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. Now insteadХХХХ enter this javascript code: javascript: showActivityHistory()(); and press Enter. To view the user's photos in the browser address bar enterХХХХ where XXXX is the user id. Then click on the Photos with the user, it will be located under the user photo on his page.
Also, see any hidden page user Vkontakte by using a special program VRazvedke. You can download it at the link The program is written in English, so if you don't own it, you will understand problematic.

Advice 3 : How to access hidden album

On the website "Vkontakte" it is possible to hide the album containing the photos from the eyes of curious users (to limit the view for some or to leave only for themselves images). However, it is possible to return and view your images.
How to access hidden album
You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, registration on the website "Vkontakte"
Go to your profile on the website "Vkontakte", by putting username and password in the appropriate fields. On the right side of the main photo (avatar) in the list of topics, your account, find the link "My photos" and click on it with the left mouse button once. You will see a list of your albums with the uploaded pictures. Locate vodohranilishe and click on it. To get to photos you can the other way – on the right side of your page under the friends list and subscriptions scroll to "Albums" and go to it by clicking on the word with the left mouse button once.
You will see the page with uploaded images. In its upper part on the right side find where it says "Edit album" and click on it with the left mouse button once. Page will appear with the edition of your images.
At the top of the page under the description box album find two categories of editing – "Who can view this album?" and "Who can comment on the pictures?". To the right of each category just right click once on the existing inscriptions. In the opened window select click on "All users" in the first and second case.
Under categories click on "Save changes" and click on it once with left mouse button. After doing this your pictures will be available for viewing to everyone.
On the website "Vkontakte" you can view and also closed the albums of other users. To do this in the address bar copy the id of the account to the right person. Then insert this number into the address bar in a new tab Instead of "000000", substitute the unique number of the page is interesting to you. Then hit "Enter" on the keyboard and you will see user albums.

Advice 4 : How to view all albums VK

Modern social networks offer their users a huge number of different possibilities and one of browse photos from album human.
How to view all albums VK

Social network Vkontakte

Social network Vkontakte allows you to create photo albums. To make it possible for every registered user with the button "Create album", which is in the section "Photos". In addition, if you wish, you can restrict the range of persons who can watch the different photos. To change the display settings in the "Settings" tab "Privacy" or in the settings of a particular album.

Viewing albums VK

For the standard view of all albums need to login with your social network using the login and password to access the page to any specific friend and click on "Albums", which is located above the photos in the left menu. After that, you need a little bit scroll down until until you see the inscription "Show all albums". After click will open all the available albums, and they can be viewed.

It is worth noting one important caveat, which is that not all users want their photos and other information reviewed all of the users of social network Vkontakte. In this regard, the privacy settings can be set by a special parameter, which will prevent some albums from prying eyes.

If the user has limited the range of persons who can view the albums in the social network Vkontakte and these pictures will not be displayed, you can use a third-party resource (or resources) that will enable you to see all user albums, even the closed ones. For example, one such resource is the website, which has a slightly changed appearance, but its interface is very similar to Vkontakte. After the user logs in with your username and password, he can go to the page for the person and click on the word Photos with User, and then open all the photos in which the tagged person.

There are two good resource is: and that work practically the same. To see what is hidden from the user the information necessary to enter an ID the person is interested in and click the "Watch" button. After the system receives the data, the user can view not only the hidden albums, but notes, apps and more. It should be noted that these resources do not require any usernames and passwords, which means they will not be able to access confidential user information.
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